Mission Statement:

The Mission of the Office of the Twelfth Judicial District Attorney’s Office is to serve the public and the citizens of Lincoln and Otero Counties by carrying out our statutory duties in a manner that reflects a commitment to integrity, competence, excellence and a consciousness of the public trust bestowed upon us. We work to protect the public safety from those who endanger, threaten and degrade the security of the people of Lincoln and Otero Counties to life, liberty, and security. We enforce the criminal laws of the State of New Mexico by prosecuting cases aggressively and efficiently in a manner that maximizes public safety and minimizes victimization by creating an environment where victims are treated with dignity, compassion and respect, and by securing for crime victims the treatment to which they are entitled by law and the basic tenets of human decency.


To fulfill our mission it is critically important that the citizens whom we serve have confidence in the integrity of the Twelfth Judicial District Attorney and its employees. Public service is a public trust. Any situation which diminishes the public trust hampers the ability of the Office to accomplish its mission.